What Makes L.A.B Special?

L.A. Bikini is at the forefront of a generational shift in the way beautiful skin is achieved. We’ve cast aside the methods of the past, namely hot wax, in favor of a more modern, more comfortable techniques and products. Simply put, it’s the removal of unwanted body hair by applying a proprietary advanced sugar that goes on cool, comes off easily, and leaves skin unbelievably smooth. So smooth, in fact, we call it, “The New Smooth.”

Our Techniques

Waterfall Technique

Sugaring leverages a simple six step technique to safely and confidently remove as much hair as possible. L.A. Bikini takes the six-step process and adds its own proprietary technique. We call it our Waterfall technique. We cannot tell you the “what” and the “how” of the technique but the “why” is simple. It results in a more comfortable, cleaner experience!

Our Products

Organic and Vegan Sunset Sugar

L.A. Bikini only uses an advanced sugar formula, blended to ensure all hairs, even the shortest hairs (1/16 of an inch), can be extracted. Yes, you can eat our sugar but it’s best for hair removal. Our advanced sugar…

  • Pure and natural
  • Easier to clean up 
  • Does not stick to skin
  • Can extract very short hairs

… combined with our proprietary Waterfall technique leads to permanency.

Our Spaces

Ultra Hygienic Cleaning Procedures

We believe that creating a clean, fresh environment helps lead to clean, fresh results. We take pride in the way our studios look and feel. A big part of that is the rigorous cleaning procedures we employ to ensure the highest level clean. Not only does our treatment rooms look clean, the rooms and tables also smell clean.  We take pride in our cleaning procedures so our guests can feel confident.

Our Staff

Expert Sugarists

Our sugarists all have the same goal; provide the most comfortable sugaring hair removal leaving beautifully smooth exfoliated skin inspiring confidence and empowerment. Our sugarists are specially trained in not just the proprietary hair removal techniques, but also in creating a comforting environment for each and every guest. They are trained in all aspects of engaging with each guest to understand their needs and communicate each step of the process. We consistently are rated five stars for our professionalism.