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Discover the New Smooth

We are expert Sugarists because that is all we do. We provide the most comfortable sugaring hair removal leaving beautifully smooth exfoliated skin inspiring female confidence and empowerment.

Say goodbye to razors, hot wax, irritated skin, and endless maintenance and hello to L.A. Bikini Sugaring Hair Removal – the convenient, all-natural alternative to hair removal.

Farewell hair – forever!

At L.A. Bikini, you can achieve a permanent reduction in hair growth because you don’t have to wait as long between treatments. So, why wait?

Our L.A. Bikini

L.A. Bikini’s proprietary Waterfall Sugaring technique and Organic and Vegan Sunset Sugar, provides the most comfortable sugaring hair removal

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Be a Savvy Girl

A unique to L.A. Bikini six-month program that offers a more frequent and more affordable way to achieve smooth and comfortable permanency faster.

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Don't forget the added benefits of sugaring at L.A. Bikini!

Our ingredients are 100% organic

Sugar paste adheres only to the hair, not skin, which means less pain

We remove hair in the natural direction of its hair growth

Our sugaring is performed at body temperature; no hot wax or burns

Special Circumstances and Contraindications

Unfortunately, sugaring is not appropriate for everyone. If you are taking specific Acne- related medications and/or have some skin conditions, click here.

Terms & Conditions of Service

L.A. Bikini is committed to providing a safe, clean, as well as emotionally and physically comfortable environment. To understand our terms and policies, click here.