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At L.A. Bikini, we want you to experience the benefits of body sugaring hair removal for yourself with a membership. Being a member at L.A. Bikini means you’ll get special membership discount pricing on all of our sugaring services. Say no to waxing and choose sugaring, the better option for your skin. The next step to permanently reduce your hair growth starts with becoming a member today!

What is a Brazilian (or as we call it, an L.A. Bikini)?

A Brazilian refers to removing the hair along the bikini area. At L.A. Bikini, we refer to Brazilian hair removal as an “L.A. Bikini,” and we have three different options that eliminate varying areas of hair.

What is the difference between Bikini and Brazilian?

There are three different types of pubic hair removal;

  • Basic Bikini (Outside Bikini Line)– From crease of thigh outwards to roughly the width of a hand.
  • Partial Bikini (Inside Bikini Line)– Classic bikini extending roughly 2 inches into underwear line and top of bikini.
  • L.A. Bikini (Brazilian) – Brazilian style bikini; everything from the front to back. First-time guests receive a complimentary soothing and detoxing mud mask treatment.

What is Sugaring? I Never Did It Before.

Sugar paste is applied with a gloved hand (no sticks or strips) in the opposite direction of hair growth. Then it is removed using our proprietary Waterfall technique in the direction of hair growth, meaning it does not break the hair backward leaving you with smooth, hairless skin. The paste is 100% all natural, organic. It is made of just sugar, lemon, and water and applied at body temperature so there is no risk of burning. 

Why Sugaring instead of waxing?

Wax adheres to your skin. Therefore, when you remove the wax (and hair) from your skin, you will experience a lot of pain. Sugaring doesn’t adhere to live skin cells. When it is removed, it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind silky smooth skin. The hair removal process is much less painful than waxing. Sugar paste hair removal also removes hair in the natural direction of growth, revealing skin that’s beautiful and silky instead of irritated or inflamed.

Will Sugaring damage my skin?

Absolutely not. Sugaring will not damage, burn or scar your skin.

Waxing is hot. Does Sugaring feel hot like waxing?

Sugar hair removal isn’t hot; it is performed at body temperature, which means you don’t have to deal with hot, burning wax being applied to your skin. This is great for those with sensitive skin.

Is our Sugar Paste Safe?

Absolutely! The sugar paste that we use is completely natural and water-soluble. In fact, our sugar paste is so safe, you can eat it! When you choose to use sugar, you not only get beautiful skin, you also get to avoid the chemical-based waxing products that are typically used in the hair removal process. The best part of sugaring is that regular treatments lead to reduced hair growth and discomfort. Thinner, lighter, sparser hair while being eco-friendly and totally safe!

How often should I get Sugared?

We generally recommend getting sugared once every two weeks at the start of your sugaring journey. This allows your sugarist to remove the hair early in its growth cycle and have the best chance of thinning or even permanent hair reduction. The general rule is – the more often you do it, the thinner and less visible your hair becomes. Ask your sugarist about your skin type to help determine how often you should get sugared.

How long does my hair have to be?

We recommend your hair to be from 1/8′′ long (or the length of a grain of rice). This is different than other sugaring hair removal studios which require at least 1/4”.

Sugaring Specialists at L.A. Bikini can work with any hair length. They can help you achieve smooth skin when you want it without the need to wait.  

Why not shave?

Shaving removes the hair at the shaft or skin’s surface level, which not only re-grows with a stubbly feel but can leave you feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Razors often harbor bacteria which can lead to irritations or infections. All of that trouble for hair to regrow in a day or two and to have to start the process all over again.

Does Sugaring hurt? Is it as bad as waxing?

Most clients report their sugaring experiences to be less painful than waxing. At L.A. Bikini, sugar paste is removed in the natural direction of the growth of your hair. That is in contrast to waxing, which removes hair against the grain, causing unnecessary pain and discomfort. Because sugar paste is applied against the grain and removed in the natural direction of hair growth, sugaring removes hair with less pain.

Also, sugar paste does not adhere to live skin cells so there is no skin pulling, skin redness and less trauma to the skin. Once you begin sugaring regularly, your hair will become lighter and thinner resulting in an even less uncomfortable experience. 

How should I prepare for a Sugaring appointment?

Please do not shave or do any other method of hair removal less than 5 days prior to your treatment. Avoid sun tanning or exercising prior to your treatment as this can heat up your skin and cause irritation.

I started my period. Can I still get Sugared?

Yes, we just ask that you exercise proper hygiene prior to arrival and wear a tampon during your service. Your body may be more sensitive than normal during menstruation. 

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, it is recommended that you make a reservation to guarantee your service time in the event the studio is booked. 

I am pregnant! Can I still make an appointment?

Sugaring services are safe for women throughout pregnancy. Your skin may be more sensitive than normal due to hormonal changes but we will do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible.

What do I need to know for Aftercare?

Proper at-home care will help to ensure a better experience for you. It is vital to exfoliate, hydrate and detox your skin on a regular basis in between treatments. When your skin is in the best condition possible, hair is extracted easier and can grow back properly without causing ingrown hairs. Your Sugarist will discuss with you in detail our Full Circle Skin Conditioning Program to help achieve these results.

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