February 2, 2023

Hair Removal: What Are Some Alternatives to Waxing?

Did you know that the average human body has around 5 million hair follicles on it? While all are natural occurrences, some are undesirable for looks and hygiene reasons. But do you know how to remove them?

Waxing is one of the most effective methods, though due to the pain caused it can be unpopular. Below, we give you our alternatives to waxing.

1. Sugaring

Sugaring is one of the newest alternatives to Brazilian waxing. It is very similar but uses a natural paste of sugar and other ingredients instead of wax. This chemical-free process is much better for those with sensitive skin.

When removed, the hair also comes out from the root. As the paste only attaches to the hair and not the skin, there is much less pain than you would get with waxing.

You will also find that it removes hair in the direction of growth, not the opposite direction which is the norm. This reduces irritation significantly.

The process has been in use for thousands of years, even allegedly going as far back as Cleopatra. You should get the process performed by a trained beautician, and make sure you exfoliate before the process begins.

2. Epilator

Epilators induce a love or hate response in those who have used them. They are a painful method of hair removal, which puts most people off. However, as hair gets taken from the root it takes a long time to grow back and is extremely effective.

They work by using an electronic device. The most common one is a spring type, which involves the use of a rotating spring that catches the hairs and tears them out. Other types use plates or discs to perform a similar process.

Your only initial outlay is to buy the electronic device that does the epilating. This means costs are extremely low, as you don't have to keep paying for beauty therapy or more creams.

3. Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair follicles in a certain area. They can be homemade, though most people prefer to buy them from stores for safety. You simply apply the topical to an area for the given amount of time, wipe off, wash and go.

When you buy over-the-counter solutions, the main ingredient is thioglycolic acid. This comes in the form of varied salts. However, many people get put off as they do not want to use a chemical solution.

The advantage is that few methods are as easy and pain-free as using creams. While hair will grow back quickly as it is not being removed by the root, it is not a big issue to apply the cream again and it won't take much time.

4. Shaving

Shaving is an extremely common alternative to waxing. It occupies a happy medium for many, being well-priced, quick, and pain-free. The better the tools you invest in, the easier it becomes to do.

You can choose to do this both dry or wet. Dry shaving involves the use of an electric razor. These are cheap and easy to purchase and will need recharging or new batteries will have to be added periodically.

When you wet shave, you need to apply cream or foam to the area. This moistens the hair and follicles, making them easier to remove. Make sure you have a sharp razor, often with more than one blade included.

The downside to shaving is that it can produce some unsightly results, such as cuts, razor bumps, and ingrowing hairs. However, with the correct skincare regime, this should not be a problem. You will also need to shave regularly.

5. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is another alternative to Brazilian wax that involves minimal levels of pain. It can remove hair almost anywhere on the body. You will also find it has no long-lasting side effects.

It involves placing a thin wire into the hair follicle. An electric current then moves down and destroys the root of the hair. It will require several appointments to be effective.

The method is one of the few alternatives to bikini wax approved by the FDA. It has been around for over 100 years and was first used to remove ingrowing eyelash hairs.

6. Laser Removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure, often offered by cosmetic clinics. It involves the use of a concentrated beam of light that is directed into the hair. Pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and as it heats up, this then destroys the hair follicle.

There are several benefits to this. The procedure is very precise and can be used in almost any area. After a few sessions, most people will have almost permanent hair loss.

It is also very quick. A laser beam can reach several hairs in an area at the same time. Even larger areas will only take around an hour to treat.

Many people believe that laser hair removal will prevent hair growth forever and immediately. However, it does not completely prevent it but stops it from growing for a very long period. Multiple laser hair treatments are required at the start, along with some top-up sessions later down the line.

Trying Alternatives to Waxing

Now you know the alternatives to waxing, you need to decide which is for you. This depends on your lifestyle and how much time you have, your budget, and your pain threshold. Luckily, there should be something for everyone above.

If sugaring sounds like the right choice, then visit L.A. Bikini. You can be hair free in three easy steps with a minimal level of fuss. Click here to book now at one of our locations.

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