February 23, 2023

7 Advantages of Organic Hair Removal

Hair removal services make up a multi-billion industry. In 2022, profits from hair removal services hit $2.7 billion. That is a lot of money spent on shaving, waxing, and lasering!

But the best of all the hair removal options out there is sugar waxing, AKA sugaring. Sugaring is an organic hair removal process that may work for you even if waxing and other traditional hair reduction services do not.

At LA Bikini, our customers love sugaring. It is the most convenient and chemical-free way to remove unwanted body hair without dealing with many of the side effects of hot wax and razors.

Are you thinking that sugar waxing could be the hair removal option you have been searching for? Then keep reading this guide for the seven reasons we know you will love sugaring.

1. Sugaring is Tried and True

Women (and men!) have been using sugar waxing techniques for centuries. Ancient Egyptians probably invented this hair removal technique, and we still use a similar sugaring process today!

In Ancient Egypt, women would create a paste out of sugar, water, and lemon juice. Then, they would apply it to the area where they wanted to remove hair. Finally, women would use a flicking motion to pull the hair out from the root.

Sugaring has been used for so long that you can rest easy knowing that it works. After all, people wouldn't still use this technique to this day if it didn't!

2. Sugaring is 100% Natural

The #1 reason our clients request sugar waxing treatments is that they are completely chemical-free. Like the ancient Egyptians who invented this technique, we only use water, lemon juice, and sugar for our sugaring pastes.

We focus on organic ingredients wherever possible, too. That way, you know that what we put on your body is 100% safe for your skin and your overall health.

And as we will discuss in a moment, the fact that sugaring uses fully natural ingredients means it is good for nature's health, too.

3. Sugaring is Sensitive Skin-Friendly

Another benefit of all-natural sugaring is that it may work for people with sensitive skin, especially compared to chemical-filled alternatives.

Sugaring offers gentle exfoliation that won't irritate your pores. Plus, we apply the sugar "wax" warm instead of hot (like hot wax) to reduce irritation even further.

Oh, and did you know that one of the main culprits of product-related skin irritation is fragrance? Sugaring does not contain any added fragrances, so you can rest easy knowing you won't have an allergic reaction.

We do want to note that some people experience irritation from sugaring. Unfortunately, this is typically due to improper technique. That is why it's important to go to a sugaring professional like those at LA Bikini.

4. Sugaring is Great for Ingrown Hairs

Remember how we mentioned that sugaring removes hair from the follicle? That makes this type of hair removal process a safe and effective way to deal with your ingrown hairs.

Unlike hot waxing, sugaring uses a different hair removal technique. Instead of pulling hairs toward the hair growth, it yanks hairs out against the grain. This is yet another reason why sugaring is so good for ingrown hairs.

And sugaring doesn't just eliminate those pesky ingrown hairs. It may also help prevent you from developing more ingrown hairs in the future.

5. Sugaring is Long-Lasting

Another benefit of removing hair from the root is that it takes much, much longer to grow back. That means you can go longer between sugaring appointments than you would with shaving.

Over time, you may even find a long-term reduction in hair growth from sugaring. Repeatedly removing hair from the root can discourage the follicle from growing new ones, reducing hair in the area over time.

Of course, the results you get from sugaring will last about as long as regular waxing results. But hot wax can not cause permanent hair reduction over time as sugaring can.

6. Sugaring is Relatively Painless

By now, you may be wondering: if you don't need wax strips for sugaring, how exactly does it work?

The "wax" is sticky, but it does not stick to the skin. Sugaring doesn't result in skin cell removal as does regular waxing or shaving. What the sugar wax does stick to are hair and dead skin cells.

This process makes sugaring far less painful than hot waxing and plucking. But you should know that sugaring is not completely pain-free. After all, we will be pulling your hair out from the root.

7. Sugaring is Environmentally-Friendly

As you can imagine, we have to wash away the sugaring "wax" after we use it for your appointment. The good news is that sugaring wax is 100% biodegradable and water-soluble.

Compare that to hot wax, which often contains paraffin waxes and even plastics. Paraffin wax contains known toxins, toluene and benzene. And when any of these ingredients get into the environment, they act as pollutants.

Your sugaring appointment will not harm the local water supply. And if some of the wax ends up in the trash, it will degrade into compounds that are actually helpful for the earth!

Looking for 'Organic Hair Removal Near Me'?

Organic hair removal options like sugaring are great for people who have bad reactions to traditional hair reduction options. But sugaring is also great for people who want a more natural way to practice this kind of self care.

Are you searching for sugaring services in your area? We have locations in eight states across the US. Browse our locations to find an LA Bikini in your area!

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